Quick Quiz #12

Time to test the old brain again with our latest online quiz.

There is no prize and it’s only for fun.

Find out what you know, or don’t, and then test friends and family.

The answers will be revealed on Friday, May 28.

1 What avian species is known colloquially in North America as a Gammy Bird?
A) Puffin
B) Canada goose
C) Eider

2 Which novel by Annie Proulx featured a newspaper called Gammy Bird?
A) Accordion Crimes
B) The Shipping News
C) Barkskins

3 By what name was Phoebe Ann Mosey better known?
A) Pocahontas
B) Annie Oakley
C) Amelia Earhart

4 Phoebus, also known as Apollo, was the Greek god of what?
A) The sun
B) The moon
C) The clouds

5 Sun City is a resort in which African country?
A) Kenya
B) Gambia
C) South Africa

6 Which African country has the biggest population?
A) Nigeria
B) Botswana
C) South Africa

7 What is the least populated country in the world?
A) Wales
B) Greenland
C) Vatican City

8 What is the largest settlement in Greenland?
A) Nuuk
B) Qaanaaq
C) Uummannaq

9 Former US president Donald Trump was criticised for suggesting that the USA buys Greenland. But which US president before him made the same offer?
A) Harry Truman
B) George Washington
C) William Taft

10 Which TV drama series featured a sheriff called Harry Truman?
A) Breaking Bad
B) Northern Exposure
C) Twin Peaks

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