Quick Quiz #7 – the answers

Here are the answers to the quiz we set you earlier this month.

How did you do?

There will be another Quick Quiz very soon.

1 During emergencies, the Government has COBRA meetings. But what does COBRA stand for?
A) Co-ordinated Official British Response Assessment
B) Civilian Organised Bureau for Rapid Activity
C) Cabinet Office Briefing Room A
ANSWER: C) Cabinet Office Briefing Room A

2 In which Puccini opera do the characters Ping, Pang and Pong appear?
A) Madama Butterfly
B) Tosca
C) Turandot
ANSWER: C) Turandot

3 TIM, Orac and BOSS featured in different sci-fi TV series. But what were they?
A) Spaceships
B) Computers
C) Alien commanders
ANSWER: B) Computers – TIM was the computer in children’s sci-fi series The Tomorrow People, Orac appeared in Blake’s 7 and BOSS was intent on taking over the world in the Dr Who adventure The Green Death.

4 Who was the first female newsreader on British television?
A) Barbara Mandell
B) Angela Rippon
C) Nan Winton
ANSWER: A) Barbara Mandell – she appeared on ITV news from its launch in 1955. Nan Winton was the first BBC newsreader from 1960. Angela Rippon began reading the national news in 1974.

5 Who was the first Archbishop of Canterbury?
A) Thomas Cranmer
B) Augustine
C) William Laud
ANSWER: B) Augustine

6 What is the name of the company famous for making teddy bears?
A) Wedgewood
B) Faberge
C) Steiff
ANSWER: C) Steiff

7 Which of these was NOT part of a trilogy of films by highly esteemed director Krystof Kieslowski?
A) Three Colours Red
B) Three Colours Black
C) Three Colours Blue
ANSWER: B) Three Colours Black – the other film in the trilogy was Three Colours White. Red, white and blue are, ofcourse, the colours of the French flag and all the stories were based in France.

8 What is the link between American Erika LaBrie and the Eiffel Tower?
A) She climbed it
B) She painted it
C) She married it
ANSWER: C) She married it – Erika LaBrie ‘married’ the famous Parisian landmark in 2007 in a commitment ceremony, becoming known as Erika Eiffel.

9 How is Queen Elizabeth II related to Queen Victoria?
A) She is her grand-daughter
B) She is her great great grand-daughter
C) She is her distant cousin
ANSWER: B) She is her great great grand-daughter

10 On what date was South Yorkshire created?
A) April 1, 1974
B) January 1, 1982
C) March 5, 1965
ANSWER: A) April 1, 1974

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