Quick Quiz #7

Welcome to the latest Chase magazine website Quick Quiz.

As usual, there are ten questions with multiple choice answers to test your memory and knowledge.

It’s all for fun. You can have a go during your coffee break or at home with the family.

The answers will be revealed on this website on March 10 at 9am.

1 During emergencies, the Government has COBRA meetings. But what does COBRA stand for?
A) Co-ordinated Official British Response Assessment
B) Civilian Organised Bureau for Rapid Activity
C) Cabinet Office Briefing Room A

2 In which Puccini opera do the characters Ping, Pang and Pong appear?
A) Madama Butterfly
B) Tosca
C) Turandot

3 TIM, Orac and BOSS featured in different sci-fi TV series. But what were they?
A) Spaceships
B) Computers
C) Alien commanders

4 Who was the first female newsreader on British television?
A) Barbara Mandell
B) Angela Rippon
C) Nan Winton

5 Who was the first Archbishop of Canterbury?
A) Thomas Cranmer
B) Augustine
C) William Laud

6 What is the name of the company famous for making teddy bears?
A) Wedgewood
B) Faberge
C) Steiff

7 Which of these was NOT part of a trilogy of films by highly esteemed director Krystof Kieslowski?
A) Three Colours Red
B) Three Colours Black
C) Three Colours Blue

8 What is the link between American Erika LaBrie and the Eiffel Tower?
A) She climbed it
B) She painted it
C) She married it

9 How is Queen Elizabeth II related to Queen Victoria?
A) She is her grand-daughter
B) She is her great great grand-daughter
C) She is her distant cousin

10 On what date was South Yorkshire created?
A) April 1, 1974
B) January 1, 1982
C) March 5, 1965

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