Quick Quiz #5 – the answers

How did you do with our latest Quick Quiz?

Was it a real challenge or did you find it a cinch?

The next Quick Quiz will be appearing on the Chase website in the near future so we hope you will have a go at that one too.

Anyway, back to Quick Quiz #5. Here are the answers:

  1. In cricket, what does MCC stand for?
    A) Middlesex Cricket Club
    B) Merseyside Cricket Club
    C) Marylebone Cricket Club
    ANSWER: C) Marylebone Cricket Club

2. Peter Wyngarde played the foppish author Jason King in which ‘60s TV adventure series?
A) The Champions
B) Department S
C) The Man from UNCLE
ANSWER: B) Department S

3. Which US president served for the shortest period?
A) Zachary Taylor
B) James Abram Garfield
C) William Henry Harrison
ANSWER: C) William Henry Harrison – the ninth president died of typhoid, pneumonia or paratyphoid fever after just 31 days in the role. Zachary Taylor served for 14 months before dying of a stomach illness. James Abram Garfield was assassinated after six months.

4. What does the S stand for in T S Eliot’s name?
A) Stearns
B) Sebastian
C) Sisyphus
ANSWER: A) Stearns

5. What is the scientific name for the swift?
A) Delichon urbicum
B) Apus apus
C) Hirundo rustica
ANSWER: B) Apus apus. Delichon urbicum is the house martin and Hirundo rustica is the swallow, both similar to the swift but unrelated.

6. What is Clyde Tombaugh famous for discovering?
A) The melting point of lead
B) A new species of spider
C) The planet Pluto
ANSWER: C) The planet Pluto

7. What is the nickname of Tottenham Hotspur Football Club?
A) The Lilywhites
B) The Valiants
C) The Iron
ANSWER: A) The Lilywhites. The Valiants are Port Vale and The Iron are Scunthorpe United.

8. Who is the only British Prime Minister to have been assassinated?
A) William Cavendish-Bentinck
B) William Lamb
C) Spencer Perceval
ANSWER: C) Spencer Perceval

9. Which British city appeared in the name of a 1970 live album by The Who?
A) Leeds
B) Birmingham
C) Manchester
ANSWER: A) Leeds – the album was Live in Leeds.

10. In the TV series Killing Eve, what is the name of the female assassin?
A) Eve Polastri
B) Carolyn Martens
C) Villanelle
ANSWER: C) Villanelle – Eve Polastri is the MI6 agent who develops a fascination with her and Carolyn Martens is Eve’s boss.

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