Quick Quiz #4 – the answers

Here are the answers to our fourth Quick Quiz, set earlier this month on the Chase website.

Hopefully you got all the answers correct. If not, then you will have to see if you do better in our fifth quiz, coming very soon.

The solutions are:

  1. Who was the British Prime Minister at the start of the 20th Century?
    A) Sir Henry Campbell-Bannerman
    B) Arthur Balfour
    C) Robert Gascoyne-Cecil (3rd Marquess of Salisbury)
    ANSWER: C) Robert Gascoyne-Cecil. He served from 1895 to 1902.
  2. Who was the only English-born Pope?
    A) St Felix IV
    B) Pope Adrian IV
    C) John XV
    ANSWER: B) Pope Adrian IV. His real name was Nicholas Breakspear and he was Pope from 1154-59.
  3. On which island did the dodo live prior to becoming extinct?
    A) Mauritius
    B) Tasmania
    C) St Helena
    ANSWER: A) Mauritius
  4. In which country was comedian Spike Milligan born?
    A) Australia
    B) Canada
    C) India
    ANSWER: C) India
  5. What was the name of an autobiography by US president Jimmy Carter?
    A) Where’s the Rest of Me?
    B) At Ease: Stories I Tell to Friends
    C) An Hour Before Daylight: Memories of a Rural Boyhood
    ANSWER: C) An Hour Before Daylight: Memories of a Rural Boyhood. Ronald Reagan wrote Where’s the Rest of Me? and At Ease: Stories I Tell to Friends was written by Dwight D Eisenhower. Each wrote a number of autobiographies.
  6. What is the scientific name for a fear of beautiful women?
    A) Venustraphobia
    B) Tonitrophobia
    C) Phobophobia
    ANSWER: A) Venustraphobia. Tonitrophobia is a fear of thunder and Phobophobia is a fear of phobias.
  7. The Sun newspaper in the UK was begun in 1964 to replace which failing publication?
    A) The Illustrated London News
    B) Daily Herald
    C) Today
    ANSWER: B) Daily Herald
  8. Which bird lays the biggest egg?
    A) Mute Swan
    B) Emu
    C) Ostrich
    ANSWER: C) Ostrich
  9. Which Blue Peter presenter had previously been a Dr Who companion?
    A) Peter Purves
    B) John Noakes
    C) Valerie Singleton
    ANSWER: A) Peter Purves
  10. Galler, Tara Galilor and Pays de Galles are various European countries’ names for which other land?
    A) Greenland
    B) France
    C) Wales
    ANSWER: C) Wales

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