Quick Quiz #3

Here is another of our quizzes to take you over the Christmas break.

See how many answers you can guess correctly from the questions below.

The answers will be revealed on this website on January 5, 2021, at 10am.

So, if you have a few moments to spare and fancy challenging the old grey matter, give it a go.

  1. Who is the principal character in Dostoevsky’s novel Crime and Punishment?
    A) Raskolnikov
    B) Turgenev
    C) Mishustin
  2. What is the state capital of California?
    A) Los Angeles
    B) San Francisco
    C) Sacramento
  3. According to the Genesis song and album, where did the Lamb lie down?
    A) Madison Square Gardens
    B) Time Square
    C) Broadway
  4. Who painted The Scream?
    A) Edvard Munch
    B) Salvador Dali
    C) Rembrandt
  5. In which organ of the body would you find the aqueous humour?
    A) Ear
    B) Eye
    C) Kidney 
  6. Which David Lynch film starred Dennis Hopper?
    A) Dune
    B) The Straight Story
    C) Blue Velvet
  7. Which of these was not a member of the Monty Python team?
    A) Terry Gilliam
    B) Terry-Thomas
    C) Terry Jones
  8. Which of these DJs once presented the BBC Radio 1 breakfast show?
    A) Mark Radcliffe
    B) John Peel
    C) Annie Nightingale
  9. Which of these is a presenter of BBC2’s Newsnight programme?
    A) Emily Maitlis
    B) Fiona Bruce
    C) Mishal Husain
  10. Which James Bond actor starred in the epic BBC 1990s drama series Our Friends in the North?
    A) Timothy Dalton
    B) Daniel Craig
    C) Pierce Brosnan

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