Quick Quiz # 1 – the answers

IF you’ve been scratching your head over the answers to our Quick Quiz # 1 then fret no longer.

Hopefully the questions haven’t caused any rows and it was all in good fun.

There will be another Quick Quiz very soon.

Here are the questions and answers:

Question 1: Who was the first woman to be elected to the House of Commons?
a) Nancy Astor;
b) Constance Markievicz;
c) Barbara Castle.

ANSWER: b) Constance Markievicz – she was elected in 1918 but represented Sinn Fein and so did not take up her seat. Nancy Astor was the first woman to take up her seat in 1919. Barbara Castle gained her seat in 1945.

Question 2: Which great British building has areas in it called the Snake Pit and the Yellow Submarine?
a) York Minster;
b) Houses of Parliament;
c) Buckingham Palace.

ANSWER: b) Houses of Parliament.

Question 3: Who wrote the operas Katya Kabanova and The Makropoulos Affair?
a) Alban Berg;
b) Giacomo Puccini;
c) Leos Janacek.

ANSWER: c) Leos Janacek.

Question 4: What is a tatterdemalion?
a) A scruffy person;
b) Someone who slices potatoes;
c) A commissioned soldier.

ANSWER: a) A scruffy person.

Question 5: Which band released the album A New World Record in the 1970s?
a) Genesis;
b) Electric Light Orchestra;
c) Hawkwind.

ANSWER: b) Electric Light Orchestra – it featured their hits Livin’ Thing, Rockaria! and Telephone Line.

Question 6: How many books are there in the New Testament?
a) 15;
b) 27;
c) 34.

ANSWER: 6) b) 27.

Question 7: Who played Godber in the classic BBC comedy Porridge?
a) Tony Osoba;
b) David Jason;
c) Richard Beckinsale.

ANSWER: c) Richard Beckinsale. David Jason played Blanco and Tony Osoba played McLaren.

Question 8: Which of these was a real ruler?
a) Wenceslaus the One Eyed;
b) Louis the Stupid;
c) Erik the Dog Eater.

ANSWER: a) Wenceslaus the One Eyed.

Question 9: What is a bobolink?
a) A small bird;
b) A big pig;
c) An unusually coloured hamster.

ANSWER: a) A small bird.

Question 10: Who wrote the novel American Psycho?
a) Irvine Welsh;
b) Hubert Selby Jr;
c) Bret Easton Ellis.

ANSWER: c) Bret Easton Ellis, Irvine Welsh is famous for writing Trainspotting and Hubert Selby Jr for Last Exit to Brooklyn.

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