Quick Quiz # 1

IF you have a few minutes to spare, why not try our first Quick Quiz?

Every now and again, we will offer up ten questions for you to muse over whilst having a coffee.

We will put the answers in this Friday at 10am

There isn’t a prize but you can check out how much you know, or perhaps challenge a friend or family member to see who gets the most points.

You could even have a Christmas party quiz!

To give you some help, each question has three options for an answer.

Good luck!

Question 1: Who was the first woman to be elected to the House of Commons?
a) Nancy Astor;
b) Constance Markievicz;
c) Barbara Castle.

Question 2: Which great British building has areas in it called the Snake Pit and the Yellow Submarine?
a) York Minster;
b) Houses of Parliament;
c) Buckingham Palace.

Question 3: Who wrote the operas Katya Kabanova and The Makropoulos Affair?
a) Alban Berg;
b) Giacomo Puccini;
c) Leos Janacek.

Question 4: What is a tatterdemalion?
a) A scruffy person;
b) Someone who slices potatoes;
c) A commissioned soldier.

Question 5: Which band released the album A New World Record in the 1970s?
a) Genesis;
b) Electric Light Orchestra;
c) Hawkwind.

Question 6: How many books are there in the New Testament?
a) 15;
b) 27;
c) 34.

Question 7: Who played Godber in the classic BBC comedy Porridge?
a) Tony Osoba;
b) David Jason;
c) Richard Beckinsale.

Question 8: Which of these was a real ruler?
a) Wenceslaus the One Eyed;
b) Louis the Stupid;
c) Erik the Dog Eater.

Question 9: What is a bobolink?
a) A small bird;
b) A big pig;
c) An unusually coloured hamster.

Question 10: Who wrote the novel American Psycho?
a) Irvine Welsh;
b) Hubert Selby Jr;
c) Bret Easton Ellis.

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