Getting in a flap about food!

Rylan Clark-Neal


BRITONS are having a bad time when it comes to eating as a new study shows they endure 60 disappointing meals a year.

The research, commissioned by Flora Plant, has revealed a chart of the worst foodie headaches.

But TV celeb Rylan Clark-Neal has been taken on to try and help curtail culinary chaos with a new online cookery series.

The nationwide study also showed that 22 per cent of people admit that a bad meal puts them in a foul mood with 56 per cent saying that below-par food can ruin their day entirely.

And many people are afraid to try vegan dishes because they incorrectly fear they will not be tasty.

The Flora Plant survey suggests that burnt toast is the most disappointing thing that can be served up, closely followed by overcooked veg and an overdone steak.

The list of other other grub causing grumpiness includes stale baguette, lumpy mashed potato and uncrispy roast potatoes.

Nearly half of people questioned – 45 per cent – said that they knew someone who is such an appalling cook they will avoid dinner at their house at all costs, 16 per cent admitting it was their mother-in-law.

Rylan prepares a tasty treat

However, a more polite 29 per cent said they frequently forced down unappetising food to avoid causing upset.

When it comes to what makes for a disappointing meal, almost half (44 per cent) of the people surveyed said when meat or dairy products are removed from a traditional dish it never tastes as good as the original which means that half of the nation (49 per cent) would not be keen to try and bake with vegan substitutes.

Reasons for not cooking more plant-based dishes included loving meat and fish too much to give it up (48 per cent), enjoying the taste of dairy products too much (43 per cent) and not knowing enough plant-based recipes or meal ideas (20 per cent).

Despite the rise in plant-based cooking during lockdown, 20 per cent of those surveyed said they did not know enough about vegan cooking, having always used meat products, and 15 per cent admitted they did not feel plant-based ingredients would perform as well in dishes.

Catherine Lloyd, marketing director UK&I for Flora Plant, said: “We’re clearly a nation of foodies who take mealtimes very seriously. We can’t stand disappointing food and favour dishes which leave us feeling satisfied.”

Rylan offers up a delicious snack

TV presenter Rylan Clark-Neal is working with Flora Plant to host an online cookery series called I Plant Believe It. He said: “We all know how disappointing it is to be faced with a boring or bland meal – and the extreme excuses we will use to escape having to eat it.

“Taste is obviously a huge factor in deciding whether a meal is satisfying or not. We’ve all experienced those disaster bakes or cooks where you have tried to cut out dairy or other ingredients and they have tasted terrible.”

Rylan said that using products such as dairy-free alternative to butter Flora Plant can create delightful vegan culinary surprises. He said: “There is no excuse for serving up a disappointing dish. I also had no idea how making a simple switch could have such a positive impact on the environment.”

1 Burnt toast 40%
2 Overcooked veg 36%
3 An overcooked steak 34%
4 Stale baguette 32%
5 Lumpy mashed potato 26%
6 Non-crispy roast potatoes 25%
7 Watery cauliflower cheese 25%
8 A bruised banana 24%
9 Soft pork crackling 22%
10 A hard ‘dippy egg’ 19%
11 Gluten free alternatives to cakes or bread 18%
12 Dry scrambled eggs 17%
13 Turkey mince 16%
14 A vegan pizza 15%
15 Tofu 15%
16 An undressed salad 14%
17 Vegan burgers 13%
18 Muesli 12%
19 Cottage cheese 8%
20 A nut roast 8%
21 Courgette 7%
22 Stuffed peppers 4%

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