Scent from Heaven!


IF you’ve been wondering what to buy that special person in your life, then a special perfume could be high on the list of options.

Alternatively, you may be someone with good taste who wants to treat yourself.

A new perfume called Shumukh which has just been introduced to this country could tick all the boxes – though there might be just one hurdle.

Shumukh sells for £1.015 million per bottle and is the most expensive unisex perfume in the world.

Why is it so expensive? Well, it could be to do with the fact that the bottle is adorned with 3,571 diamonds, topaz, pearls and gold.

The perfume was given its global launch in Dubai in September but has now come to London.

In Arabic, Shumukh translates as “deserving the highest” and quality is certainly what well-heeled buyers will get if they purchase it.

According to its makers, the perfume unites the art of jewellery and perfumery to create a one-of-a-kind masterpiece that tells the tale of the great Emirate of Dubai through seven core design elements.

Set with 3,571 sparkling diamonds – totalling 38.55 carats, topaz, pearls, 2,479 grammes of 18 carat gold and 5892.88 grammes of pure silver, the piece will be showcased for public viewing at the brand’s flagship boutique in Knightsbridge this month.

Shumukh is the only perfume to hold two Guinness World Record titles, including most diamonds set on a perfume bottle and tallest remote controlled (RC) fragrance spray product.

The Spirit of Dubai Parfums by Nabeel – which has created Shumukh – is inspired by the heritage of Dubai.

Shumukh showcases the seven key elements of Dubai – pearl diving, falconry, Arabian horses, roses, luxury, Arabian hospitality, and the country’s stature as a city of the future, all of which have been intricately modelled in gold and silver, and ornamented with the highest quality VVS diamonds and precious stones.

Standing 1.97 metres tall and taking over three years and 494 perfume trials to formulate, Shumukh is comprised of fine natural ingredients sourced from across the world, culminating in a scent with notes of rare amber, sandalwood, musk, rare pure Indian agarwood, pure Turkish rose, patchouli ylang-ylang and frankincense.

The perfume is estimated to last on the skin for more than 12 hours and up to 30 days on fabric and the hand-blown Italian Murano glass bottle infused with 24 carat real gold holds three litres of perfume dispensed via a remote-controlled spray mechanism that adjusts to the user’s ideal height.

Shumukh is the concept of Asghar Adam Ali, chairman and master perfumer at Nabeel Perfumes Group of Companies. It was created by master craftsmen from France, Italy and Switzerland.

Asghar said: “With a history of passion for perfumery that has spanned 48 years and a keen eye for jewellery design, my dream was to bring to life a history in the making concept with innovation at its core.

“My vision was not only to capture Dubai’s persona in one monumental piece of art but to also create a fragrance that embodied the pinnacle of luxury in the world of perfumery.

“Today, I am very proud of Shumukh, an evocatively stunning and bespoke creation which combines the disciplines of art, jewellery design and perfumery and is concurrently also the holder of the highest number of Guinness World Records in the world of perfume industries.”

Mustafa Adam Ali

Mustafa Adam Ali, managing director of the Nabeel Perfumes Group of Companies, decided in 2015 to launch The Spirit of Dubai brand.

He said: “The time had come where oriental trends were not just targeted at Arabs. Dubai had become a booming tourist destination and a place of international commerce and travel attracting western consumers.”

The Spirit of Dubai launched its First Generation luxury collection in 2015, followed by its Second Generation ultra-luxury collection in 2016.

Mustafa said: “Our goal is to be the most innovative company in the world, be it the highest quality or rarity of our perfume ingredients, to finishing touches of our packaging and boutiques.

“Nabeel brings a rich family heritage, excellence and expertise to the fragrance connoisseur.

“The UAE is a dominant player in the world of fragrances. It’s a growing market with new players being added every year and it holds a significant market share with fine fragrances. The region boasts of many perfume connoisseurs, who spend vast amounts on different fragrances, with the usage of perfumes being higher than that of the western counterparts.”

At its manufacturing plant in Sharjah Airport International Free Zone, spanning more than 200,000 square feet, the company has matured into a renowned fragrance house that is home to four independent perfume brands – Nabeel Perfumes, Chris Adams, The Spirit of Dubai and Nuvo.

It has a workforce of more than 600 staff and exports to more than 100 countries worldwide.

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