Let’s have a good old chinwag…


YORKSHIRE folk may have a reputation for being taciturn but it seems that we are at least on good terms with our neighbours, even if they are from Lancashire or the South.

A recent survey has found that Yorkshire and Humberside residents are amongst the most likely to speak to their neighbours.

People in the South East and Scotland are the least chatty.

The new study has found that British residents are getting friendlier with their neighbours, with two thirds admitting they speak to their neighbours regularly and a further two in five revealing they know the majority of their neighbours by name.

This research was conducted after a study in 2016 previously found that one in three Britons couldn’t name any of their neighbours.

The study, conducted by the home interior specialists http://www.Hillarys.co.uk, quizzed more than 2,400 UK-based adults across the 12 regions of the UK about life in their neighbourhood.

When asked if they spoke regularly – at least once a week – with their neighbours, two thirds of respondents claimed that they did (66 per cent).

Talking about issues with their neighbourhood topped the list of topics spoken about (78 per cent) followed by the weather (55 per cent) and plans for the day (49 per cent).

A further two in five respondents revealed they knew the majority of their neighbours by name (41 per cent). In contrast to the 2016 poll where one in three could not name any of their neighbours, just one in nine (11 per cent) said this was the case now.

One in seven respondents had previously invited neighbours round for dinner (14 per cent).

More than one in five (21 per cent) said they preferred to ask their neighbours to house sit or look after pets whilst they were away from home over their family or friends.

Lucy Askew, spokesperson for http://www.hillarys.co.uk, said: “With so much negative news, it is great to see a sense of togetherness through neighbourly communities.

“It doesn’t cost anything to be nice and making friends with neighbours can lead to a lovely tight knit friendship group close to home.

“I am glad these stats have changed since the previous study back in 2016 wherein it implied Britons were shutting themselves away from their neighbourhood.”

Where do the chatty neighbours live?

The figures show what percentage of those who said they talk to their neighbours live:

  1. Northern Ireland – 19 per cent
  2. Yorkshire and Humberside – 15 per cent
  3. West Midlands – 13 per cent
  4. North East – 12 per cent
  5. Wales – 11 per cent
  6. South West – 9 per cent
  7. London – 7 per cent
  8. North West – 5 per cent
  9. East of England – 4 per cent
  10. East Midlands – 2 per cent
  11. South East – 2 per cent
  12. Scotland – 1 per cent

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