Theatre group wants people to see the show

A THEATRE group is hoping people will buy tickets for its next production to be staged early next month.

Breakaleg Productions will be presenting a show at The Playhouse Theatre in Wombwell in September but need to sell more tickets.

The Murderer in the Mirror by Peter Colley will be performed from Thursday, September 5, to Saturday, September 7.

Breakaleg Productions founder Fraser Smith said: “The initial idea of the group was to focus on fun, and bringing a little bit of the arts into the community.

“We are all from South Yorkshire, and for the past five years we have been hiring The Playhouse Theatre in Wombwell to take our shows to the public.

“We have worked with adults and young people, who have often little or no experience of the stage, and have so far managed to produce two shows per year.

“We are completely and utterly self-funded. Every penny made on ticket sales goes into the budget for the next show. Our very existence depends on ticket sales.”

But sales have been a bit slow for the next production and the team are hoping more people will sign up to see it.

Tickets for the play, which starts at 7.30pm each day, cost £10 and can be bought online at or via 07763 986722. There is also a Facebook page.

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