There’s money in the garden


THE humble garden shed has been named in a list of outdoor features that could add value to British homes.

Expert researchers from have revealed five things that might boost the price of a UK house beyond its four walls, with sheds taking their place alongside patios and good lighting.

A well-kept and spacious garden building like a shed or log cabin provides precious additional storage space which could add to the value of a house.

They help homeowners maintain a safe and tidy property, whilst sheds also provide reassuring security for valuable tools and equipment.

Other outdoor extras that made the list include useful vegetable patches, convenient decking and decorative water features.

A spokesperson for said: “UK homeowners who disregard the value of the humble garden shed could be missing out on hundreds of pounds when they come to sell their property.

“Our research has revealed that a well maintained shed could provide the additional storage space required by many growing families, which may significantly boost the price of a British home when it comes to market.

“A simple lawn and set of plants are not enough to make a backyard stand out from the neighbours, but patios or decking and a simple water feature could all add that little extra to the value of your home too.”

In no particular order, here are the’s top five outdoor features that could value to your home:

1 A patio – properties that have a stone patio or wooden decking installed in their backyard could see their value to rise by four figures as a result. They allow homeowners to spend quality time in their gardens even when the lawn is muddy during the winter and are great spaces to entertain guests in all weathers, particularly if they are fully furnished with seating and a rain proof cover.

2 A source of food – a fruit tree or two at the bottom of the garden are not only low maintenance and beautiful features to enjoy looking at, they could provide you with delicious healthy snacks and add value to the house too. Orderly and productive vegetable patches might require a little more looking after, but well-kept examples could also contribute to a rise in the price of a house, as the clean living trends of healthy eating and environmental awareness continue to rise in the UK.

3 A shed – even the most unassuming garden shed, log cabin or similar outdoor building could add thousands of pounds to the value of your home, particularly if it’s properly looked after. It’s essentially an extra room on the property, which can provide safety and security for expensive tools and equipment, with the bonus storage space helping to keep indoors clean and tidy too.

4 A water feature – a simple pond could easily put a few quid onto the value of a home as it sets the garden apart from the neighbours and may help big-hearted Brits welcome wildlife too. Fixed ornamental and decorative water features, such as sculpted fountains and impressive bird baths, can also contribute to a unique garden that will help raise the quoted price of the property.

5 Lighting – many British households will be equipped with a movement-sensing outdoor light designed to deter unwanted intruders like burglars and foxes, but additional garden lighting that allows homeowners to appreciate their backyard at all hours could boost the property’s value. LED lights that line pathways or patios and fences or flower beds in UK gardens can be a bright addition that could give gardens a luxury feel and have homeowners beaming.

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