A place for poetry

CHASE magazine regularly prints writing from members of Hive, the hub for young writers in the region (Rotherham, Doncaster, Barnsley and Sheffield).

TOM GUEST is a young poet from Sheffield who attends Hive’s Monthly Saturday Poetry group.

He has been published in Hive anthology Halfway Smile and Now Then Magazine.

Tom Guest

He has performed at various young writers’ events, including the anthology launch for Halfway Smile.

For opportunities, competitions, groups and events, go to http://www.hivesouthyorkshire.com.


Your canary woke me this morning –
first time in a while. An autumn charm
skimmed across me in auburn swing,
Sinatra-chimes, melancholic ear rivers,
flapping from perch to perch in his golden
home, berating all four corners with song
and beak, beige feet coiled into his chest;
an Egyptian tomb guarding conversations.
Over black-coffee I think to let him
escape. Get back to you. But letting go of him
would be relinquishing you. Those songs of his
do not ring with escape, but the rapture
of your centurion life blanketing ours.
I am not pious, Grandy. But when I picture
opening his drawbridge gate, I see a canary
unwilling to leave. I hope that’s you. We will
feed him and care for him as if he were you
in your bungalow, in your carpet slippers
sat listening, in the radio-glow.

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