A place for poetry

CHASE magazine regularly prints writing from members of Hive, the hub for young writers in the region (Rotherham, Doncaster, Barnsley and Sheffield).

IZ CLAY is a young writer based in South Yorkshire. She is a member of Doncaster Young Writers run by Hive South Yorkshire, and a former Air Cadet. .

In this poem she remembers the fallen, particularly those who lost their lives a century ago in World War One.

For opportunities, competitions, groups and events, go to http://www.hivesouthyorkshire.com.

I don’t have to stand in formation
and salute anymore. I’ve not spent an hour
polishing shoes and ironing precise creases
into a blue nylon uniform. My hair is no longer
tamed into a neat bun, to be criticised
for every loose strand.

My footsteps are free now, I don’t march
in sync with thirty others. My hair is long
and unruly, my shoes are scuffed. But,
when I pass a rememberance parade, I well up,
stand and watch, remembering
I was part of something important.

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