‘My plan benefits people, animals and the planet’


Belinda White

A DEARNE Valley singing teacher has become one of a select group of yoga teachers on a worldwide meditation website.

Belinda White, of Bolton-on-Dearne, is passing on her skills via Insight Timer and utilises the techniques she has been developing as part of her own successful 333 Plan.

She has been holding well-attended yoga-based classes across the area and hopes to improve people’s lives through helping them find a better way forward.

Vegan Belinda (48), who eats only fruit, nuts and vegetables, has devised three separate workshops or retreats as part of her 333 Plan – Physical, Mental, Spiritual – with many people choosing to go to all three.

She is also working on a book about the 333 Plan which she hopes to get published in the near future.

But her new role on Insight Timer has taken up more of her time and brought some worldwide recognition for her skills and ideas.

Her 333 Plan workshops locally have been held at Conisbrough’s Ivanhoe Centre, and more are planned in the new year.

On a recent detox retreat she highlighted the benefits of fruit juice, smoothies and salads.

Belinda ditched meat overnight after being horrified by a film about slaughterhouses and is now an ardent advocate for animal rights.

People covering a wide age range attend her 333 Plan workshops, from people in their early twenties to a woman in her eighties.

Belinda said: “I use techniques and apply them to life.

“I just prompt them to want to attend the workshops.

“It’s a day of education but also a day giving back to yourself.”

Belinda has gone into schools with her 333 Plan and worked with seven year olds.

She said she wants children to adopt a more positive attitude and believe in themselves.

“It’s giving them dreams and plans,” said Belinda.

She believes in the power of visualisation using a vision board. Basically, she visualises wanting something via her board and says it will come.

Belinda said: “I said I want to be a global public speaker and how ridiculous is it that I am now a global public speaker on Insight Timer and people are listening to me in Australia and America without me leaving my house.”

Belinda, who is also a singer in a band, said she enjoys helping others through the website and her 333 Plan.

She said: “I realise that giving a service to others is not just rewarding to yourself but there is a huge reward back.

“I feel I get back three times more than I give.

“I am living my dream. I am doing a job I completely love.

“I would like the 333 Plan to be set up in schools around this country or with people delivering it across the whole world.

“I would not like to be famous but I would like the 333 Plan to be famous.

“I would not be fazed because I think the whole world needs a plan.

“The 333 Plan works for me. It’s like having an exciting idea and showing it to more people.”

Belinda said that she believes people need to be more aware of their capabilities and search to find a way to overcome the stresses of modern civilisation.

Belinda said: “Your mind is like a slave and designed to be used but we have become a society where we are prisoners of our minds.

“It’s like having a car so sophisticated that you can take it anywhere but it’s a car that’s gone out of control and will crash.”

Belinda said that there is a lot of “mental noise” taught via the education system to children to get them through exams rather than learn about themselves and the world, and she said that people in society generally are unaware of how the food they eat is badly affecting their bodies.

Belinda describes herself as an animal welfare “activist” and said she would like to spend more time fighting for animal rights.

She said: “The desperation of these animals is the reason for my existence. It is the root of my entire being.

“My 333 Plan does not just benefit the people, it benefits the animals and the planet.”

Find out more about the 333 Plan at http://www.belindayoga.co.uk/
Find out Belinda’s Insight Timer meditation lessons at https://insighttimer.com/BelindaWhite

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