Finding answers to spooky questions


Linzi Sheeran and Lee Steer

THINGS that go bump in the night, ghostly sightings and possessed objects are all par for the course for a pair of paranormal investigators who have taken their fascination with finding out more about supernatural phenomena onto the web.

Lee Steer and Linzi Sheeran, who run Project reveal, run two successful websites and have filmed their experiences for TV shows.

Their online sites are followed by thousands and they regularly explore supposedly haunted sites to see if they can gather evidence to prove or disprove the presence of spirits.

Both are sceptics but willing to find out more, and some of what they have experienced has left them unnerved and baffled.

The Rotherham-based group, known online as Ghosts of Britain, have also built up a collection of paranormal objects.

There is the haunted doll Christine which allegedly scared its previous owner to distraction, a genie in a sacred container, a teddy supposedly inhabited by spirits, a Ouija board possessed by a witch, a haunted table and mirror, as well as pictures which are said to cause fires and strokes.

The group have carried out their own investigations on the objects, sometimes with startling results which cannot be easily explained.

Lee Steer with a haunted Djinn. 180405-5

For instance, a live Facebook broadcast on the doll prompted the portable lights to begin flickering and pulsating and viewers during the live stream thought the doll was calling itself Christine.

On the second day of owning the doll, Lee’s dad Paul woke up hearing a tapping sound which turned into thuds and the next day, while watching the live stream, got scratches on his arm, as had supposedly happened to the previous owner of the doll’s husband.

Recently the group have been filming for Sky TV’s The Paranormal Challenge and have been contacted by Really TV.

The Ghosts of Britain Facebook site has 68,000 followers and their The Haunted World Facebook site has 128,000 followers, making it the largest paranormal group on the social media platform.

“We have had so much positive feedback,” said Lee.

“People love it. We have such a big following around here. People will ask me randomly questions about the paranormal.

“People take the mickey by saying I am not a sceptic. I think there is a rational explanation out here. But I don’t knock people’s beliefs.

Lee and Linzi

“Everything we do in our online investigations is live.”

Recent investigations have produced some remarkable results.

At Pendle Hill, the notorious site of witch trials centuries ago, Linzi said she asked for names and for witches to respond, which she said they did via the electronic voice phenomena (EVP) equipment they use to hear spirit voices.

“It was pretty intense,” said Lee.

On Halloween night, Lee opened a dybbuk box live in a Rotherham community centre. This is a container allegedly containing a demonic entity.

Lee said: “It was possibly the most tense investigation I have been on. You could cut the tension with a knife.”

Lee with the ‘haunted’ doll and teddy. 171526-3

“As soon as I got the box out in the centre of the room the whole atmosphere changed.

“When the box was opened there was an almighty stink.

“We had 650 people watching it live and now it has reached 20,000 views.”

Linzi said that their EVP gear kept picking up the word “unholy” and references to religion when the box was opened.

Another sinister happening occurred at Whittington Castle near Oswestry, Shropshire, where the group investigated ghostly goings-on.

As soon as Lee entered a small room near the gift shop he said he began to feel strange,

He said: “I am still a sceptic but that was the only place I have not felt comfortable in.”

Linzi said that Lee’s behaviour began to change before her eyes.

“As soon as he went in he changed,” she said.

“As the night went on he became more argumentative. He would not do whatever anyone asked him. He felt as if he had a heavy pressure. It was like a craving to put the armour on. He said he felt he wanted to stand guard at the door.”

Lee added: “I felt that everyone was annoying me. That they were prisoners and I was guarding them.”

Lee with the Victorian haunted doll. 171328-3

Lee calmed down quickly when he left the room but was shaken by the experience.

He said: “I will go back but I did not want to go back.”

Lee said that he has been to a medium since that event and was told he had been a cavalier in a past life, which he said could explain his desire to don the armour at the castle.

Nearer home in Rawmarsh Cemetery, the couple picked up a message saying “Tell them I’m sorry” on their EVP equipment.

Linzi said that despite all these experiences she still has some scepticism although she is leaning towards believing in paranormal phenomena. She said: “The things I hear and see, it does make you wonder.”

One example revolves around a haunted pair of shoes.

Linzi said: “A lady I worked with contacted us and said she was having some problems. They were seeing shadows and their house felt cold.

“Their dog started looking at one corner of the room and cowering.

“We went to in investigate. In the room where the dog cowered we got readings.

“I asked the woman if she had any objects that didn’t belong to the family and she said that a neighbour had given away a pair of shoes to her. She got them out and our EVP went crazy. The dog leapt on the bed and tried to rip the shoes apart.

“Words came through on the EVP saying something did not want to leave the house.

“As soon as we took the shoes out of this house everything stopped.”

The couple work with respected paranormal investigators Mark Smith and Phil Sinclair, and are planning to open a museum of their haunted objects in the near future.

They are hoping that their interest in paranormal investigation, and the public’s interest in it, will lead to them doing it for a living.

There are already plans for a FearCon event, possibly in Wales, soon.

Linzi said: “It’s just growing worldwide.”

It is certainly a weird world for Project reveal but one which they are more than happy to step into in a bid to find the answers that many people are asking.

But to silence critics they intend to do it in a scientific way without the ‘entertainment’ of many TV paranormal shows where fakery might not be an unknown factor.

Lee and Linzi are more than just a pair of paranormal detectives; they are a couple and will be tying the knot next year. On Halloween, ofcourse!

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