2014-05 MeadowhallStrap

Meadowhall reveals how men are ‘upping’ their spend when it comes to fashion and beauty.

The average man is now spending more than double what he was five years ago on fashion and beauty products, according to a survey by Meadowhall Shopping Centre.

The survey, which questioned 250 male shoppers aged 18 to 35, found that the average man spends £93 per month on their appearance and wardrobe, while five years ago the figure was just £40.

More men than ever are not only buying into luxury ‘grooming’ but are also updating their wardrobe more often, as a result of partner pressure making them feel the need to compete with today’s glossy ‘Instagram cult’.

More than two thirds regularly visit a salon or a barber each month to ensure they have the latest fashion cut; as well as an increase in beard trimming thanks to the Hipster craze of slick hair teamed with a fulsome beard to complete the look. A further 43 percent admitted to using skincare products and a sneaky 10pc also admitted to an extra shopping trip a month without telling their partner.

Meadowhall Director Darren Pearce, said: “While I might not quite fall into the age category we spoke to I can see the trend out there for more male grooming and it is only getting stronger. Our data shows that we have as many regular male shoppers visiting Meadowhall as we do women so, in the spending stakes, they really are a force to be reckoned with.”

Regular Meadowhall shopper Jonathan Wallace, aged 27, admitted that he felt increasing pressure to look good and spends more time and money on perfecting his appearance than a few years ago.

He explained: “Facebook and Instagram are filled with men looking their best, it’s almost become a parade of who can show how much effort they’ve put into their appearance. My girlfriend follows a lot of celebrities on Instagram and you can’t help but be influenced how other people look. I have definitely had to up my game more over the last couple of years than before. Splashing water on my face and walking out the door doesn’t cut it anymore!”

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