Parents bidding farewell to their offspring as they embark on a new life as a university student spend just six weeks on average before turning the once overly occupied bedroom into something more sophisticated, according to a recent survey carried out by Sheffield-based

Home offices, guest bedrooms and even yoga retreats are amongst the favoured makeovers, with many parents banishing their teenager’s much-loved DVD and childhood collections to one of the smaller rooms in the house.

The survey, which challenges the belief that many parents suffer from ‘empty nest syndrome’, found that whilst the decision on what to transform the room into has often been made months – if not years – in advance, most parents wait a cautious six weeks before taking action to ensure their off-spring have settled into their new abode.

Of the parents questioned, 60 per cent said they had, or would, turn the room into something more usable, 40pc admitted they had already discussed what to do with the space once the University acceptance letter landed on the doormat; whilst a slightly more modest 10pc admitted to ordering furniture before Freshers Week was even underway.

70pc of those who took part said they thought six weeks was a reasonable amount of time to wait before embarking on a transformation, with just 10% saying they would prefer to wait up to a year.

Ashlee Sanderson,’s Residential Sales Consultant, said: “The thought of a room sitting unused for weeks on end during term time – with the occasional home visit inbetween – is just too distracting for many parents and, for some, the temptation to turn it into something more inviting and sophisticated proves too much!

“A luxurious guest room came at the top of the poll, unsurprisingly, with many parents indulging in a new bed and designer linen with a view to people staying over after dinner parties and games nights. Home offices and libraries were also popular as we move towards a more remote-working friendly culture, and even yoga retreats made it on to the list.”

But despite many parents rubbing their hands in glee at the prospect of reclaiming a little bit of home, an unsurprising 100% said they wouldn’t start work until an alternative room had been identified and allocated should their enterprising offspring want to come home for Christmas.

“I don’t think anyone will be surprised to learn that although parents are clearly excited about a little DIY and home improvement, no one was prepared to let go 100pc,” said Ashlee.

“Students can rest easy that there will be a room for them when they arrive home, no matter when that might be.” offers a bespoke interior design service, offering free consultations to home-owners looking to build or makeover their nests.

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