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Life really is a beach at Meadowhall Shopping Centre this summer!

It looks like Meadowhall shopping centre has got its holiday activities licked this summer with its first ever ice-cream challenge set to get the region’s taste buds tingling.

Meadowhall commissioned top ice cream maker Our Cow Molly to come up with a unique limited-edition flavour that will be available exclusively at the Centre, while stocks last.

As the region’s largest retail and leisure destination, Meadowhall has taken inspiration from across Yorkshire, as well as enlist the help of the discerning public to come up with the unique Meadowhall-infused flavour.

Anything from Wakefield rhubarb, East Yorkshire Lavender to Sheffield Real Ale were considered after being suggested in an online poll, as well as part of a project with pupils from Tinsley Meadows Primary School, Sheffield, who ended up being judge and jury on the final flavour.

“We didn’t know what the end flavour would taste or even look like but we wanted to reflect something of Yorkshire,” said Centre Director Darren Pearce. “We are working with a world renowned ice cream maker but we also wanted the creativity to come from Yorkshire people and the children for a real authentic twist.”

The final flavours up before the judging panel of pupils and Meadowhall customers this week were: Yorkshire Honey, Pontefract Liquorice, Tea & Biscuits, Wakefield Rhubarb, Parkin and Yorkshire Pudding with Chocolate Gravy.

The final winning flavour will be unveiled to the public just ahead of National Ice Cream Day on Sunday July 19, which also coincides with the opening weekend of Meadowhall’s Summer Beach Zone, the open air attraction outside Meadowhall’s Oasis entrance that is offering fun in the sun for everyone during the school holidays.

A massive 116 tonnes of sand are being shipped in for the 7,000 square foot beach, as well as an impressive ‘beach shack’ which will act as temporary home to dozens of entertainment and musical activities.

Each week will see different activities taking place, including a host of children’s favourite characters calling in for photo opps. These include: Peppa Pig, Fireman Sam, Thomas the Tank Engine, Angelina Ballerina and Captain Barnacle.

The opening weekend will play host to a World of Heroes where there will be chance to meet comic super heroes such as IronMan, Batman and Spiderman. There will be something every day to enjoy including sporting challenges, visits from Capital, Heart and Hallam FM as well as beach arts & craft sessions, a treasure hunt, traditional seaside games and activities.

Meadowhall Events Manager, Alex Caley, added: “We want to make this the best beach experience possible without actually going to the coast – the only thing we can’t guarantee is the sunshine but it is looking good so far!

“There will be something happening every day for the kids to enjoy, but if you just want to kick back, relax in one of our deckchairs and feel the sand between your toes then this is the place for you – but without a 100 mile round trip included.”

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