Leading local estate agent Eadon Lockwood & Riddle (ELR) has been in the property business since 1840; and with nearly 200 years experience in house sales they know just about everything there is to know about securing a quick and successful sale.

With the property market starting to heat up, ELR Director and award winning valuer James Ross shares his top ten dos and don’ts for selling your house.


  • Tidy up:

Nobody wants to be walking through their future home, stepping over last night’s take away box or tripping over left out toys. Have a good tidy up prior to each viewing and create the illusion of peace and tranquility.

James Ross from ELR said: “It’s important that the client can imagine themselves living in your home. Make sure the house is looking its best and you almost double the chance of selling your home.”

  • Declutter:

Box all the knickknacks from holidays past and gone and let the viewer appreciate the empty spaces in your home. Remember, less is ALWAYS more.

  • Finally get round to fixing those odd jobs:

Whether it’s a new lick of paint or fixing that tap that’s been leaking for the last five years, make sure all the odd jobs that need doing finally get done prior to viewings.

“It’s worth putting time aside to get all the little jobs around the house sorted before you move. People want to see a final product rather than elements that’ll need fixing. Put the time in before you move and not only will you sell quicker but add value to your house.”

  • Light it up!

Light and airy rooms will appeal to potential buyers and heighten the chances of you having a quick sale. Whether it’s extra lighting or mirrors on a wall to open up a dark corridor, this top tip will make a huge difference to the way your home is perceived.

Mirror image

  • Sell to all of the senses

It’s the oldest trick in the book but really works! Place baked goods or bread in the oven prior to each viewing and allow your property to be sold through all of the senses.

“It’s a small element but something which will appeal to viewers subconsciously.”


  • Depersonalise:

It’s important to declutter but make sure your home still has a personal touch. It’s a home not a house you’re selling, so make sure the viewer can see this in every room. This may be in the form of photos, artwork or throws on the sofa.

“Remember that you’re selling a lifestyle as well as your home. The small touches that you already have in your home will help the viewer feel at ease and imagine their own family living there.”


  • Overbear:

We know you want a quick sale and to be off on your next property adventure, but try to come across as relaxed and at ease. This in turn will make the viewer feel comfortable whilst in your home.

“When showing a potential buyer round your home, answer questions when asked and highlight key features or benefits to your property without. Try not to overload the viewer with too much information as this will come across pushy and may put them off.”


  • Crowd the viewer:

Allow the viewer to have some space and the chance to look around your property themselves. If you’re looking over their shoulders throughout the viewing they’ll probably feel a little pressured! Looking around on their own will also give the feeling that they’ve seen everything the property can offer, on their terms, which will usually result favourably to a quicker sale.

  • Don’t lie!

As well as you having a legal obligation to state if there are neighbour disputes or matters for concern regarding your home or neighbourhood even white lies will paint you in a bad light so avoid telling them at all cost!

“It may be tempting to spin the truth but honesty is always the best policy when trying to sell your home. Lay everything out in the open and the viewer will respect your approach.”

  • Emotionally attach yourself to the house:

It’s a big thing moving house and something which will impact you emotionally throughout the duration of the sale. With so many fond memories and milestones in the house you’re preparing to leave, it’s natural to feel a little overwhelmed

This said, you must try and take a step back while conducting a viewing around your property. Some will love your home, others may not. Be ready for the feedback and try to come across as professional but friendly.

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