Smiles all round for ‘Innovative Performance’

IMG_0960 The launch of a new performing arts business in Rotherham was ‘even better than expected’. That’s according to Innovative Performance founder Alice Marshall (23), who runs the business with her partner Josh Coburn (20). The classes, which ran over a period of six weeks, consisted of dancing, singing and acting instruction taught by Alice, which were then filmed and made into a music video by Josh who runs a local graphic design company. The pair, who both have a performing background, teamed up with the aim of building a fun and educational course for children over the age of seven to come along and learn a little bit more about performing arts, specifically for the camera. Alice, who has a degree in Stage and Screen Performance, said it is the filming part of her classes that makes her business different and ‘innovative’. She said: “A lot of performing arts companies offer people the chance to perform on stage and in front of an audience, but not many do the same for camera. “Performing for camera requires different skills and techniques that the children may not have had the chance to explore before. “The filming of the music video has been my favourite part – the rehearsals are great but the children really looked forward to filming and being on camera. “When we did the filming their faces just lit up, so that was definitely the most rewarding part for me.” Even though Alice was confident about her project, she admits it was received much better than she expected. She said: “I think it has gone really, really well and we’ve all enjoyed it, the children especially. “We advertised in all different schools and on our Facebook page, but even after the first session we had a few more people turn up. “Some of them had never been to a dance class before, or never sang in front of other people, and a lot of them were quite nervous to start with, but being around children their own age has enabled them to get to know each other, to make friends and to become more confident.” One parent Kerry said this was the case for her daughter Abigail, who had attended every single class. She said: “My daughter was nervous when she started as she hadn’t done much performing before, but she has definitely grown in confidence throughout the course. “I also thought it was great value for money – when Alice told me it was only £24 for the whole six week block I thought she was joking. “I would definitely recommend the classes, and I will definitely be sending my daughter to the next one.” Following this triumph, Alice is now determined to achieve highly with her next project which will involve the Innovative Performance group taking part in a showcase for the Alexandra Hans Vocal Academy in Birdwell in September. This will give the children the opportunity to perform for a live audience, as well as for recorded media. Her next music video class will take place at the CornerSpace on June 1, shortly followed by an adult fitness dance class on June 2 and a ‘Boom Squad’ street dance workshop for children aged seven to 11 on June 4. For more information about Alice’s classes, you can email her at, or you can visit her Facebook page by searching ‘Innovative Performance’.

By Becky Lancashire

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