Hannah and Ellie

Guide calls on group to raise hundreds for charity

The best friend of a Doncaster girl who is currently undergoing treatment for leukaemia has gathered her fellow Guides to help raise hundreds of pounds for charities that are supporting the family.

Hannah Shearman, 13, from Hayfield School is putting on the first ‘Guides Got Talent’ event on May 16 in honour of her best friend, Ellie Newitt, who has received fantastic support from two Yorkshire charities, The Sick Children’s Trust and Bluebell Wood.

Despite Guides being renowned for braving the outdoors, community work and life-saving skills, Hannah along with her friends from the 73rd Doncaster Girl Guiding group are determined to put on a show-stopping event to say thanks to both charities and put a smile on Ellie’s face.

Katie Shearman, Guide Leader and Hannah’s sister, says: “The Sick Children’s Trust has given immense support to Ellie’s family during this time, so we all wanted to put on a fundraiser to show them our thanks.

“Not only has the family had their world turned upside down but so has my sister. Ellie was her best friend at school and since Ellie has been poorly, Hannah has found it difficult to make new friends. The girls are like sisters so it’s been extremely hard for my sister to carry on.

“Hannah has visited Ellie while at Bluebell Wood and has also seen The Sick Children’s Trust ‘Home from Home’ Treetop House and has said how great they both are. Both our parents have expressed that they are fantastic places and do so much to help the families. Not only providing a place to stay but offering support and so much more.”

Ellie, who is still undergoing treatment at Sheffield Children’s Hospital, hopes to make a return visit to Doncaster to see her fellow Guides perform in the talent show. Ellie’s Mum, Marie says:

“The Sick Children’s Trust’s Treetop House is fantastic. It has done so much to help our family, keeping us together at such an important time. The house doesn’t just provide practical support, it offers so much more.

“We’re really looking forward to the ‘Guides Got Talent’ show and are really grateful to the Guides for doing this for Ellie.”

The Sick Children’s Trust provides free ‘Home from Home’ accommodation for the families of sick children. In Yorkshire, there are three houses that support some of the leading children’s hospitals in the country; these include Sheffield Children’s Hospital and Leeds General Infirmary.

Treetop House is just a lift ride away from the ward, giving families direct access to their children and ensuring families are kept together, something that the charity believes significantly improves the recovery of seriously ill children.

If you would like to show your support to Hannah and Ellie, please email Katie Shearman at 73rddoncasterguides@gmail.com for further details


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