unnamed By Becky Lancashire

23-year-old Alice Marshall says this is what she wants for the youngsters of South Yorkshire, as she opens up her new business ‘Innovative Performance’.


Having started performing at the young age of three, Alice has always had an interest in and passion for the stage.

Alice said: “I’ve always been in drama academies and dancing schools.

“My dad, Dean Andrews, is a professional television actor so I’ve always been surrounded by acting, and was brought up with it.”

Alice says it was this early introduction to the trade that now makes her so prepared for this type of career.

“I feel like I can bring something different because I’ve lived and breathed the performing industry from a very young age”, she said. “I feel as though I know what I’m doing, and I know exactly what my aim is.”

Due to her passion for performance, Alice went on to study A-Levels in Performing Arts, a BA (Hons) in Stage, and Screen Performance and has even followed in her father’s footsteps starring in an episode of BAFTA award winning Last Tango in Halifax and even being featured in a recent Fanta advert, both of which were suggested to her by her agent.

Alice said: “TV opportunities don’t come around very often so I was very happy to get the chance to audition and then actually get the job.

“These opportunities gave me the understanding of working on set and around a crew and cameras, which was something I hadn’t done before.”

Although many performance groups and academies exist in and around Rotherham already, there has never been a unique opportunity like this for children from so young to be able to star in music videos, which is part of the reason Alice chose the title of ‘Innovative Performance’.

She said something like this is a great thing for children and young people.

“I think getting children involved in performing arts is really important.

“Sometimes, they find it hard to fit in and all of my classes focus on building confidence and being yourself.

“They’ll be able to show off what they can do, work as a team, and make friends.”

Alice can be hired by schools and nurseries where she delivers sessions that are cost free for the families of the children.

In the future, Alice hopes also to coach adults in television acting classes that focus on camera shots and working with a film crew, also an area that hasn’t been seen much in the town.

Alice is keen to make a success of her new project, and hopes it will truly make a positive difference for the people of Rotherham.

Her first class will take place on Monday April 13 at The CornerSpace, Parkgate. For more information contact: innovativeprformanceuk@outlook.com

You can read the full interview with Alice in May’s Chase.

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