Life in “A small town near Sheffield” – By Becky Lancashire


Here at Chase HQ, we are always on the lookout for creative individuals from Rotherham, and we have certainly found one here!

Meet Becky Lancashire, a journalism student from the town who is currently studying in Lincoln.

She wrote this poem about Rotherham on her personal blog and we loved it, so we thought we would share it with all the other Rov’rum folk to enjoy too!

If you would like to read more about Becky and her poetry, you can by visiting

Not many have heard of Rov’rum, ‘cos it’s only small ya know,

Though the ones who’ve heard of Rov’rum, they’re very unlikely to go.

Ya see there’s things they know of Rov’rum that aren’t so nice to say,

But all mi life I’ve lived in that small town, and I’m fine in every way.

If you’re gonna go to Rov’rum, there’s some things you need to ‘ear,

It’s always reyt cold, there ain’t nowt to do, and ya best get used to fear.

There’s some characters in Rov’rum, the most you’ll ever see,

And ya best get on wi’t pigeons ‘cos they’ll be everywhere you’ll be.

Ya might struggle sometimes in Rov’rum, we sound different when we talk,

We don’t use the word ‘the’, tee-haych sounds like ‘V’ and we all slump whenever we walk.

But although this image of Rov’rum, says we’re all the blummin same,

I’ve got a dream, I don’t want these already established labels attached to my name.

So yeah, I might be from Rov’rum, that’s always gonna be that way,

But give me the world, and watch me go – I’ll shake that stereotype away.

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