Yorkshire children surprise Santa with quirky Christmas present requestsThe children of Yorkshire have left Santa surprised after visiting him in his Magical Kingdom at Meadowhall, revealing to him a list of quirky requests for what they would like for Christmas this year.

From donkey companions to pet dinosaurs, fairy Godmothers and Princesses through to dream trips and even a flying visit to the Moon – these were just some of the unusual wishes Santa has received so far this year at the region’s premier Shopping Centre.

Although surprised, Santa – who marked his return to Meadowhall’s Magical Kingdom on November 14 – was left with a glistening smile from cheek to cheek and a sparkle in his eye at the imaginative wishes he heard from the hopeful youngsters who have paid him a visit during his first days at the Centre.

Among the first 100 little visitors to enter the grotto, was Saskia Stewart, aged eight, who had asked Santa for her very own pony… and no ordinary pony, that would be far too simple of a request, but a talking pony no less.

Mum Kate said: “When I heard Saskia mention that she would like a talking pony for Christmas I wasn’t hugely surprised as she is a little miss chatterbox and absolutely loves animals. Santa, however, looked a little taken aback, but replied: ‘Where will the pony stay’ in which Saskia replied ‘She can share my room of course’ which made us all giggle.”

Other wishes which amazed the man in red were requests for a sibling, various pets from cuddly to exotic, pop star meetings and trips into outer space.

Alex Caley, Events Manager at Meadowhall said: “To mark the launch of Santa’s Magical Kingdom in-centre, this year we decided to record what the first 100 children through the doors wished for and were surprised, to say the least! Apart from one or two ‘stand out suggestions’, most of the things our little visitors wished for can be found in-centre, so no parent is left panicking on Christmas Eve.

“And whilst we don’t have real-life pets or Stegosaurus on the shelves of our stores or, yet offer holidays to the Moon – we do get pretty close with an array of soft toys to suit any animal lover, some amazing prehistoric presents for the young dinosaur enthusiast and top telescopes for those out of this world explorers that will keep the little ones smiling this Christmas time.”

Santa will be at Meadowhall until Christmas Eve at his Magical Kingdom which is located outside the Oasis Dining Quarter entrance. This year’s grotto has fantastic interactive elements for children and families to enjoy whilst they make their way through to meet Santa and is complete with penguins and ice princesses.

For further information about Santa’s Magical Kingdom, please visit

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