L-R Helen McAlinney, Centre Director Darren Pearce and Mandy Ford

Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm Programme brings screening sessions to Shopping Centre
Meadowhall played host to the South Yorkshire Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm (AAA) programme as they welcomed dozens of male shoppers to the first of two mobile screening sessions at the centre.

The South Yorkshire and Bassetlaw AAA screening programme parked up at the region’s favourite shopping centre in a bid to create awareness of the often undetected condition, which is predominantly found in men.

Meadowhall wanted to pledge their support for the local organisation and give male shoppers the opportunity to step forward for a potentially lifesaving health screening.

One man was particularly grateful for the opportunity as it was revealed that he himself was unknowingly suffering from an AAA, something that would have been likely to have gone undetected had he not boarded the bus.

Helen McAlinney, Programme Coordinator for AAA screening in South Yorkshire and Bassetlaw, said: “The weekend’s event at Meadowhall was a great success and we can’t wait to return on November 1 for a second screening session.

“We found one man with a medium-sized AAA, which means that he will now be regularly monitored to ensure his condition doesn’t become a serious risk to his health. This is what the programme is all about and for that reason alone, the day was a huge success, as this gentleman had no idea anything was wrong before he had the scan.

“We were also very pleased to have a lot of people approach us and ask questions about AAAs and we have booked many more men onto the bus for our next visit – we can’t thank Meadowhall enough for their ongoing support.”

Meadowhall Centre Director, Darren Pearce added: “As a regional shopping centre with a large customer base across South Yorkshire and even further afield, we are keen to do everything we can to raise awareness of local programmes, of which AAA is of particular importance due to the nature of the illness.

“We’re encouraging men from all over the region to come down and take advantage of the screenings of which only last a few moments, but have the potential to save lives.“

The mobile bus will be back at Meadowhall on Saturday November 1 located in Orange Zone one car park and open for drop-in sessions between 9:30am – 4:30pm.

Men are encouraged to book in advance for screening but are able to drop in on the day. To book a place or for more information please call: 01709 321189.

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