new look

This morning I paid a visit to New Look in Meadowhall, a shop I have to admit I don’t class as one of my regulars when I’m after a spot of retail therapy.

Or at least, one I didn’t class as one of my regulars, because after being invited to view their new menswear range I have to say, I will be visiting again!

It comes as a complete shock and surprise that more of my peers don’t know about this affordable, trendy and fashion forward store that is sure to rival the likes of household favourites Topman and River Island.

The mannequins were dressed to suit the general public, something I am often critical of when I enter High Street stores.

I often feel as though the stores are being told what to put on the mannequins from the powers above, when really the staff know the target audience of their shoppers better than anyone.

So it was great to see that menswear expert Alex had taken the time to be a little bit daring and break away from the norm, and he’s hit the nail directly on the head with his top trends.

Read more about my visit to New Look in November’s Chase.

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