Yorkshire caught up in Vespa fever


Vespa and Motorbike show suite, Via Moto reveals the top locations in Yorkshire for sightseeing on a scooter

As the Tour de France raced through Yorkshire this summer, the nation gathered in their thousands to see pedal bikes pass through some of the county’s most beautiful locations.

But it seems that Yorkshire is now seeing fleets of a different two wheeled form of transport taking over the roads: the Vespa.

Firmly acknowledged as the coolest of scooters, best recognised whizzing round the streets of Milan, the Vespa is now frequently seen cruising the stunning Yorkshire countryside.

The recent trend of Britons choosing two wheeled vehicles has been highlighted by the Motorcycle Industry Association, which has reported an 11 per cent increase in the registration of scooters, mopeds and motorcycles between July 2013 and July 2014.

The bike revolution has not only unlocked opportunities for those in the industry, it has also unlocked the beauty of the breath-taking countryside for countless local scooter enthusiasts keen to explore the stunning sights of Yorkshire the Italian way!

With inside knowledge of the best biking spots in the county, Sheffield based moped and scooter store, Via Moto highlights the top five scooter locations not to be passed by.

Buttertubs Pass


Featuring in the first stage of the Tour de France, this spot is renowned for its outstanding beauty. Buttertubs Pass offers impressive views towards Swaledale and the surrounding countryside and, although, taking on the turns in the road is a little challenging on a scooter, by taking your time you ensure you don’t miss any of the amazing views spreading across the Yorkshire Dales which are absolutely spectacular.

Thrybergh Country Park

Thrybergh country park 2

Thrybergh Park is the perfect destination for a lazy Sunday afternoon – picture this… wind in your hair, cruising to the water front on the scooter and parking in a beautiful spot, next to the water completely hassle free! Set off Doncaster Road near Rotherham, Thrybergh Country Park is a haven for wildlife, and watching the sun set on the water makes for a magical evening.

Cowside Beck, Monks Road, Arncliffe

cow side beck

Life really is beautiful standing on Cowside Beck overlooking Arncliffe. Parking the scooter in the village is often easy, as it takes no effort to find a space. Savvy scooter users often visit at the quieter times of the day, as the peace and tranquillity of the ancient route linking Arncliffe with Malham Moor will whisk you away with its mix of colours, and idyllic moorland below.

Brodsworth Hall

Brodsworth Hall

A quick scoot north west of Doncaster will unveil a world of grandeur and stateliness at Brodsworth Hall. Cruising on the road towards the house, the secret grandeur is concealed by the majestic gardens. Once the scooter is parked, a short walk towards the house allows its glory to be revealed, with elegant fountains and gardens in the foreground. A walk around the grounds, or a tour of the house makes for an opulent afternoon and the rest of the day can be enjoyed scooting in and out of the nearby tranquil villages of Grenoside and Pickburn.

Ilkley Moor

Iilkley moor

A little further west, Ilkley Moor makes up part of the delightful Rombalds Moor.  The rocky moorland gives a real Yorkshire feel to the landscape and zipping across the landscape feels dramatic and is a totally invigorating experience when you can feel the sun shining down on the open top scooter.

Via Moto is a Sheffield based scooter and motor cycle show room and workshop. Via Moto also sell a range of clothing and other products that will appeal to customers who may have no particular interest in riding but are attracted by a fashionable jacket or a coffee cup set.

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