Shopping Centre set to launch new ChargeBox technology.

Meadowhall Shopping Centre has launched a revolutionary new service to provide customers with a free and secure way to charge up their mobile phones while they are out and about on the malls.

In time for the busy period leading up to Christmas, the regional Shopping Centre has installed the latest ChargeBox technology – a new system designed so you can fit in an extra boost to your phone’s battery life without wasting valuable shopping time.

The ChargeBox kiosks, located on the Upper Oasis Dining Quarter Mezzanine, provide a safe and secure way to charge a mobile device by up to 40 per cent which is completely free. It is compatible with all smart phone models currently on the market, most other mobile phones and even a number of games consoles.

Meadowhall Centre Director Darren Pearce said: “We are constantly looking for ways to improve our customers shopping experience at Meadowhall and the installation of the latest ChargeBox technology offers a completely new service to our customers.

The kiosks offer a 30 minutes free battery charging service that is reliable and convenient and we hope they will be a really popular addition to the Centre especially in the lead up to Christmas

“Customer feedback has told us that nine out of ten of our customers would feel stressed if their phone was out of action whilst out shopping and with modern day smart phones having a notoriously poor battery life, ChargeBox is our solution combating this annoying problem.”

The ChargeBox service will provide 30 minutes of charge which, on average, charges the device by 30-40 per cent. The lockers can be opened at any time during the charging process if the user needs to access their phone.

For more information on ChargeBox please visit:

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