Support Dogs pay Bigfoot Digital a visit ahead of Mucky Pups walk


Bigfoot Digital’s latest visitor may have turned a few heads when he took the lift to the fifth floor of the Barnsley DMC to pay us a visit.

Certainly, it’s not often that you find yourself sharing a lift with a 13 stone Irish Wolfhound.

But, the enormous pup, was not here to play – he was working. Despite the name Titch is literally Support Dogs’ biggest fundraiser and helps the Sheffield based charity achieve some amazing things.

Support Dogs is a national charity dedicated to improving independence and quality of life for people living with some very challenging medical conditions.

It does this by training specialist assistant dogs to help with everyday tasks for people with physical disabilities, give advanced warnings of seizures for people with epilepsy and support for children with autism.

Bigfoot Digital fully supports the charity and we’re all looking forward to attending their upcoming event – the Mucky Pups Walk.

This Sunday pooch-lovers from across the UK will meet in Sheffield to take part in a charity dog walk.

All dogs are welcome and even if you haven’t got a dog then toy ones are provided for you to take round. The walk starts at 10am with the choice of a 5 or 10 mile route.

It’s just £5 to take part and the proceeds are split between Support Dogs and the Sheffield Royal Society for the Blind.

The event starts at the Support Dogs training centre21 Jessops Riverside, Brightside Road, Sheffield, S9 2RX.

You can book your place at

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