Food Intolerance Expert Urges Better Breakfast Habits

Top tips to start the day with a healthy meal

A Sheffield based specialist food intolerance expert has backed a national drive to encourage people to eat a better breakfast after a leading health journal revealed that starting the day with an unhealthy meal dramatically reduces productivity.

Better Breakfast Day takes place on September 26 and the founder of free from food comparison site Foods You Can, Bunmi Scott, is urging families suffering from an intolerance or allergy to consider their breakfast choices and not simply ‘skip the most important meal of the day’.

Research from the journal Population Health Management suggests that the right meal at the beginning of the day can boost energy levels and that eating unhealthily reduces productivity by more than 66 per cent.

Bunmi Scott, founder of free-from website Foods You Can, said: “As someone who suffers from a number of severe intolerances I know how easy it is to skip meals. It’s not as easy for some people to grab a breakfast bar, or have a quick slice of toast as the run out the door.

“Having a good breakfast is vital to a productive day, it’s the most important meal of the day and shouldn’t be skipped! The key to managing an intolerance and staying healthy is preparation.”

Preparing a healthy breakfast before the day’s activities begin is stressful enough for any parent, but for Bunmi, who runs a resource website for food intolerance and allergies, this is an even greater challenge as both her children are milk protein allergy, lactose and soya free.

Finding new and nutritious alternatives to breakfast is absolutely crucial for Bunmi and her family and a study by No Kid Hungry and Deloitte into children’s breakfast habits revealed that those who eat breakfast miss less school and achieve higher test scores.

To enable the shopping process to be as easy as possible, Bunmi has added a search system to her free from food comparison section, which allows shoppers to search for free-from foods using nutritional values, taking the hard work out of shopping.

Bunmi encourages those suffering with food allergies to mix up their breakfast habits, she comments: “Having a food allergy can leave you tempted to skip breakfast, as it isn’t always easy to find free from alternatives. My favourite recipes are quick and easy, and straightway you’ll really notice the difference in energy levels throughout having started the day with a good breakfast – so why not give them a try?!”

Here, Bunmi shares her quick and fun breakfast recipes which provide a better, free from, breakfast for her family.

Soya and Lactose free: Porridge Sticks-

  1. 4 table spoons of free from porridge oats
  2. Add an equal quantity of milk, or a alternative dairy free brand or water and stir to make a mushy mixture
  3. Pat down the bowl with the back of the spoon and put into the microwave on high for about 2 minutes.
  4. Cut into finger shapes straight away and leave a few minutes to cool before eating.

Quick and Easy Teddy Bear Toast

  1. Toast free from bread of choice
  2. Once it has cooled slightly, add Peanut Butter, or try dairy free almond Butter.
  3. Let the kids get creative with their teddy by adding bananas and raisins!


For more free from recipes, reviews, food comparison, and information available to food intolerance sufferers visit

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