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Children suffering from head trauma can now be kept safe and secure while they rest thanks to a specialist bed and cot funded by a generous charity donor.

Longstanding supporter of The Children’s Hospital Charity, Sandra McCabe from the Scarborough Group Foundation, has generously donated £10,000 to the charity, £7,000 of which funded the bed for the neurosciences ward.

Angela Dunn, projects officer at The Children’s Hospital Charity said: “These children are confused, disorientated and emotionally upset as a result of their head injury and will often attempt to climb out of their bed.

“This bed has high clear plastic window sides all round it, with removal padded vinyl panels for additional safety, these padded sides may be taken away so that the patient may be observed and monitored more easily.”

The new bed is specially designed so it may be lowered to almost floor level, making it safer for patients and less strenuous for nurses.

Angela Dunn added: “This is another significant example of where the Charity has made a difference and is helping the excellent work that is carried out every day at our hospital.”

For further information, please visit www.tchc.org.uk

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