Poll shows Sheffield Shoppers would use their wish to help cancer sufferers

 Sheffield shoppers showed the region that they are the ones with the biggest hearts following a recent study by Meadowhall Shopping Centre, which revealed that if they had only one wish, the selfless Steel City residents would give up theirs to help others.

Figures showed that shoppers would give up their only wish to help find a cure for cancer in a poll that was ran in conjunction with Vue Cinemas to win merchandise for new film ‘The Fault in Our Stars’ which sees two young people fall in love at the most unexpected place: A cancer support group.

The results only strengthen the generosity which Meadowhall has seen from the people of Sheffield after earlier this year over 4,000 women joined in the fight against cancer by taking part in Race for Life at Meadowhall, raising over £200,000 for Cancer Research UK.

Alex Caley, Events Manager said: “When we saw the results from the poll, we were overwhelmed. Out of all the wishes, it was endearing to see our shoppers wished to help others and find a cure for cancer.

“We hosted race for life for a second year and it was absolutely fantastic. We saw thousands of women join together to tell cancer to ‘jog on’, raising over £200,000 we couldn’t have been prouder of our shoppers – who were lead around the route by our very own Angie and Jayne, who have beaten cancer in recent years.”

Other things people wished for were to spend another day with a loved one who had passed away, or to have a few extra pennies.

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